Abstract FAQs

Where do I submit my abstract?

Abstract submissions are no longer being accepted for the 2019 conference.

What is the deadline for submitting abstracts?

The deadline is May 3, 2019.

How long should my abstract be?

Your abstract should be somewhere between 100 and 250 words. The submission form has a character limit of 1500 characters.

Can my abstract be just an idea that I want to develop into a paper by conference time?

It is best practice to have your presentation in final, or near final, form before writing your abstract. Your abstract should be well-focused and summarize precisely what you will present.

Will all the abstracts that are submitted be accepted for presentation?

Unfortunately no, the BT Conference typically receives more abstracts than there are time slots. The Abstract Committee will review all abstracts using a double-blind selection process, and make their selections solely on the merits of the abstract and its relevance to the translation community.

What is the process for abstracts being accepted?

An international abstract committee will meet in May to review and rank the abstracts. They will then select those for presentation. The double-blind review process means that the Abstract Committee does not know the names of the abstract authors, and the authors do not know the Abstract Committee members. This ensures impartiality in the selection process. Authors will be notified in early June whether their abstracts have been accepted or not.

Are there tips for writing a good abstract?

Yes, there are many good tips if you search online. Here are a few simple tips: Tip 1. Remember that your abstract needs to be relevant and interesting both to the abstract review committee, and to the conference participants. Tip 2. A good abstract generally includes: 1) a brief description of an issue, problem or new development, 2) the reason this is important to the BT community, 3) your methodology (how you did your research and achieved the outcome), and 4) your conclusions, results or solutions. Tip 3. Ask a peer or experienced colleague to proofread your abstract and give suggestions for improving form and content.

Can I get help writing my abstract in English if I am a non-native English speaker?

Yes, contact Lawrence Tucker at Lawrence_Tucker@sil.org to receive help from one of our SIL English writing advisors.

If my presentation is not accepted by the committee, will I have the option of doing a Poster Session?

Unfortunately, the 2019 BT Conference program will not include a Poster Session.