Bible Translation 2011: The 6th Biennial Bible Translation Conference

A forum for presentation and discussion of developing theory and practice in Bible translation

This academic conference, co-sponsored by the Dallas International University (Dallas International) and SIL International, was held at the International Linguistics Center (Dallas International campus) in Dallas, Texas, USA.

October 14-18, 2011, Dallas, Texas


The Future of Bible Translation: Creative Strategies and Practical Steps

The conference included papers on the following sub-themes:

  1. Audience Needs and Media Alternatives
  2. Bible Translation Theory and Practice
  3. Bible Translation Training and Consultancy
  4. Harnessing Technology for the BT Task

John Beekman Lecture Series Plenary Speaker: James Maxey, Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship

Dr. James Maxey is Translations and Biblical Scholar at the Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship at the American Bible Society and chair of the Translation Development Group of the Forum of Bible Agencies International. James was linguist-exegete for the completed Vuté New Testament translation project in Cameroon. Dr. Maxey received his PhD in World Christianity and Mission from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. Besides numerous journal articles, he is the author of From Orality to Orality: A New Paradigm for Contextual Translation of the Bible. James and his wife Pam have four children and live in the Chicago area.

Public Banquet Speaker: Mark D. Taylor, President and CEO of Tyndale House Publishers

Mark Taylor is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Tyndale House Publishers, one of the largest Christian publishers in the USA. Tyndale was founded by his parents in 1962 to publishLiving Letters, the first part of what eventually became The Living Bible. Mark served as Chief Stylist for the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (English). He also serves as President of Tyndale House Foundation. The foundation makes grants to many non-profit organizations around the world.

Other Plenary Presenters

Dr. R. Daniel Shaw: Professor of Anthropology and Translation, Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies; International Anthropology Consultant, SIL.

Dr. Michael R. Walrod: President of the Canada Institute of Linguistics, Director of the MLE degree program at ACTS Seminary, and author of two books on Discourse Analysis.

Dr. Simon Crisp: Director of Translation Services with the United Bible Societies. He has published widely in the fields of sociolinguistics, hermeneutics and biblical studies.

Greg Pruett: President of Pioneer Bible Translators, working toward a PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary in Intercultural Studies.

Conference History

This Bible translation conference series began in 2001. Since that time, each conference has grown in numbers of papers and participants, and has offered valuable contributions to the worldwide Bible Translation effort. BT2009 was attended by over 250 Bible translators, consultants, linguists, literacy specialists, anthropologists, sign language and orality specialists, and other professionals involved in the Bible translation task. These came from more than 35 Bible translation agencies and from all parts of the world.